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Oh, food on a stick. Does it get any cuter, more Pinteresting, or cocktail-friendly than cake pops, kabobs, and popsicles? To celebrate the summery season of entertaining, we’re serving up 100 different foods you can serve, eat, and gawk at… on a stick! Try whipping up some of these at your next dinner party. Bon appetit!

Warm in the microwave:
1 Tbsp milk
1c + 1 Tbsp butter
When the butter is melted, mix in:
1 Tbsp yeast
2 1/4 c flour
2/3 c sugar
1 egg
Mix well.
The dough will be thick .
It will also be oily from all that butter.
Let set 30-60 minutes.

In a pot, over low heat:
1/4 c dark corn syrup
2/3 c brown sugar
7 Tbsp butter, cut into slices so it will melt quicker
1 tsp cinnamon
As soon as it’s incorporated, remove from heat.
If you over cook it, it will thicken and get hard.
Hard is bad.
School meeneem hapje Appeltje Eitje App
The cookie dough will not rise.  It will look exactly the 
same.  Roll it into walnut size balls.
Place on hot Stroopwafel iron.
Cook until golden.
Cut with sharp round cookie cutter.
Take a non serated knife and split in half.
You must move quickly & cut them while they are 
warm or they won’t split.
Spread with filling.

Marshmellow Muffins


Brownie Spiesjes


Chocolade met slagroomsoesjes egeltjes 🙂


Muffins met uiltjes


Glutenvrije en suikervrije Chocoladetaart


Roosjes van zure matten




Kaneel Nutella Muffins


Roze Macarons


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